[Latest] Anti-Ban GBWhatsApp v7.25 Apk Download 2020

Are you want to download the latest version GBWhatsApp APK for free? Here it is. Direct downloading link without viruses or malware and without fear of getting bad from WhatsApp. Get the latest version WhatsApp Mod Apk here. You’re in the right place!

This is an Anti-Ban GBWahtsApp, Means you will never get banned from WhatsApp using GBWhatsApp 7.00.

If you have an Android Smartphone you may installed WhatsApp, right? WhatsApp is the too famous messaging app.

If you’re using normal WhatsApp then you’re using WhatsApp as others does but it isn’t quite interesting. Why not you’re Moded WhatsApp app.

In the market, there are so many moded apps of WhatsApp but the most famous one is GBWhatsApp I think you know about it right?

Maybe you don’t know about GBWhatsApp so let me tell you about it.

What is GBWhatsApp?

Basically, GBWhatsApp is the moded app of official WhatsApp but it isn’t developed by official WA it is moded by the third-party developer.

Why it developed by other developers, well official WhatsApp offers not quite amazing or fantastic features so some peoples or community developed mod APK of normal WhatsApp by just add some amazing features.

Like you can change the background of WhatsApp home screen you can add any image, suppose you send massage you can remove online on the top of massage.

If you’re type massage to another person so another can see that you’re typing a message also you can hide it.

It also has the feature of auto-response let suppose someone sends a message “How are you” you can set auto-reply like “Hey, I’m good” but in official WA you can’t.

Download Latest Version GBWhatsApp

Name GBWhatsApp (GBWA)
Version v7.25
Size 28MB
Android required Android 4.1 & up version
Category Social Media
Developer OMAR (GB Mods)
Total Installs 10,000,000+
Website gbmods.co
Virus & Malware Not sure
Verified Verified By McAfee

This Is An Unofficial App Developed By Third-Pard Developer (GBMods), Not Affiliated With, Authorized, Maintained, Sponsored, Or Endorsed By WhatsApp Or Any Of Its Subsidiaries. For Personal Use Only, Use At Your Own Risk.

GBWhatsApp v7.25 Apk

How to install GB WhatsApp

When you open APK file or app then it required to enable Unknown Sources because when you install the their-party app on Android it is necessary to install APK file.

Sometimes it is not required if you already enable Unknown Sources you can see like the below image.

Unknown Sources

After downloading GBWA then click on it, click on the install button you can see in below image.

Install GBWA!

Now you have successfully installed GBWA APK now open it and if you want to restore your old data then click on the Restore button.

If not, then simply click on AGREE AND CONTINUE button then a new screen will open like in the below image.

GBWA Step 2

Now click on the continue button for gives permission of access to your contacts and your device’s photos, media, and files because when you use GBWA it required to use it.

After it, you’ll see a pop-up of Allow and Deny new you should click on Allow to use GBWA. You can also see an image below.

Allow and Deny options

You have also the most done! it is time to verify your phone number. Now here is no need to worry about BAND because I had told earlier that This is an Anti-Ban GBWahtsApp, which Means you will never get banned from WhatsApp using GBWhatsApp 7.00. As you see can below.

GBWA Step 4

How to restore WhatsApp data?

If you want to take Backup/Restore your old WhatsApp data whether you have official WhatsApp or GBWhataApp this method will work on both WA.

  1. Open your WhatsApp from which you want to take Backup/Restore your data.
  2. Go to WA Settings > Chats > Chat backup.
  3. Click on the backup button. By this, your chats data will store on your device.
  4. Open your file manager > WhatsApp > Databases then you can see your backup file now copy that file so if you uninstall your WhatsApp app your date will save.
  5. Now if you installed GBWA that it’s good, if not, install it.
  6. Again open your file manager > GBWhatsApp > Databases paste your copied file to it.

Open your GBWatsApp app, Follow the above installation steps but before entering your phone number you can see a button called COPY WHATSAPP DATA click on it then you get the message like WhatsApp data copied successfully.

Amazing Features of (GBWA) v7.25

This latest GB WA is coming with amazing and Exclusive features which are very useful and mind-blowing features are giving below!

Android version: It supports Android version rquirde 4.1 & up version.

Anti-Ban: New Anti-Ban (GBWA 7.25) APK is now available. If you were banned earlier from WhatsApp then you can uninstall the old app and then install the latest one.

Group Calling by Swipe-To-Reply: What is the normal way to reply to someone’s message, Well it is Swipe-To-Reply to reply right? That is the traditional method but in GB WhatsApp you can Swipe-To-Reply and Group Calling as well.

Hide Last Seen: It allows us to hide our last seen, Blue Tick, and Double Tick of massage as well.

Download Status without any app: You could download anyone’s status.

Make calls without saved number: If you want to make calls then you should have to save that number but in this GB WA you could make calls without saving that number.

Video Sending Limit: Sometimes you have to send a file/video/something else but WA doesn’t allow to send a large file/videos but which is approx 500MB but GB WA allows us to send a large file/video up to 500MB.

Video Calls: It is the best way to interact with your family/friends/Relatives GB WhatsApp allows you to make video calls.

No Group’s Name Characters Limit: Whatsup has a limit to make a limit on the character’s name but on the other hand, GBWA has no limitation of characters.

Copy Status On Clipboard: You can download status in GBWA but you can also copy status on your clipboard.

250 Characters In Your Status: Offical only allows us to put 130 Characters in your status but GBWA has no limit of 130 characters it allow up to 250 characters.

Reading a message from the notification. It has a unique feature of Mark as reading a message from the notification.

Enabled locked voice recording: If you want to send a long voice message then you can’t able to send but GBWA enable this for sending long voice messages even without keep touching voice button.

Play Videos in any video player: Now in GBWA you can play WhatsApp in your favorite video player.

Payment option: Now in Latest GBWA you can pay money via your Bank account.

100+ Supported Languages: This mod APK of WA supports more than 100+ languages.

Group description: You can read the Group’s description in a header like normal status.

Auto-reply: If you’re busy and you can’t reply to someone’s message, you can set Auto-reply also you can exclude group or someone from Auto-reply.

Added: Now you can several groups features and now New Emojis Support is available.

DND mode: This is one of the most useful features of this mod WhatsApp APK, if you want to focus on something then this is useful for you. By this mode, you can stop your massage although if your internet is on this will work also.

Filter messages: If you want to clear your WhatsApp’s messages then there is no option of filter massages but in GBWA has the option of filter messages while clear chat.

Themes change option: Are you feeling boring from the old theme of WA, In GBWA has the option to change or customize the theme.

Themes change option

Chats Passcode: If you private your chats not all, but some specific chats then you have no option but in GB WA has the option of passcode you can lock one or more then one chat you can set a password.

See Deleted Messages: Offilal WA allow us to delete within some times but you can’t see what was that well, GB WA gives us that feature you could read deleted massages in a single tap.

Edit images/video while sharing: You can add effects on images and videos while sharing with someone.

Send 100 documents: When you want to shear more documents at one time then WA has the limitation but now you can shear approx 100 documents at one time in GB WA.

Dual WhatsApp without any app: Most of the people want to use dual WhatsApp they can but they need an app for this, But GB WA has inbuild the feature of dual WA.

Disable Call Option: If you want to disable any Specific Contact in GB WA then you can.



In the market, so many WhatsApp’s Mod APK available but the best APK of WA is GBWhatsApp because it has a lot of unique features like DND, Chats Passcode, Themes change option, and more.

If you’re concern about your privacy then as I told you earlier this is not an official app or comes from official WhatsApp this is Moded by OMAR (GB Mods) which is a third-party developer Use At Your Own Risk. if you get any type of problem we are not responsible for that.

If you want to use this mod APK of WA then most welcome, this GB WA is very old and still, we didn’t get any news about it.

I hope you’d love this Site. Thank You! & Stay Tuned with us.


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